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Article Writing – How to Write a Unique Article

Now-a-days Article is an important part of blogging, what can make you so much prominent into this very competitive world. An Article writer can gives direction through his Article to give more valuable information, to solving various types of problem of the user. Writing gives me a daily deadline, and I don’t really want to spend more time to writing a unique Article. So I follow some common rules to write an Article. I hope you can also write an Article more easily by that rule. This rule will provide you the guideline on how to write a unique Article.

A guideline for your Article writing

When you will write an Article you must include a heading, an introductory speech, a discussion body, a conclusive speech and Article summary to make your Article unique.

  • Heading: When you are going to write an Article you have to make this more important and so much attractive as possible because at first your reader will read it and then they (your reader) will decide is he or she will continue reading or not.
  • Introductory speech: Here you will introduce about the thought or problem what you want to discuss in your Article. Also you can write a short discussion about the problem with your experience. In your writing you have to give some positive concept about your article clearly and shortly (it’s about 4 or 5 lines).
  • Discussion of Body: Write here about all the solution of the problem that you express in your introductory speech. In your article summary you will discuss about (why), and in body you will discuss about (how). How can you solve your problem (?), Write here. Break up your Article body into some point. You may do it by sub-heading in each point that can make it easier to your reader to scan your Article when they read out it in online.
  • Conclusive speech: In the above discussion you write about your problem or theme. But in conclusive speech you must include a brief summary about your Article that can take an action from the reader. When you write conclusive speech for an Article, you have to remember to finish it strongly to make your reader satisfied.
  • Article summary: The aim of your Article summary must entice to a reader to read out your Article. Here you will write only for your targeted reader’s interest. It must be 3 to 6 sentences in length. Article summary must about “why” not about “how”. With cleverness, present them that why this Article is more important to read, and that’s why they will continue their reading. Article summary must come from your own thinking, do not try to copy from others.

Finally, I hope you will be able to write a unique Article by the all above common but useful tips. In most of Articles you can use this technique. Go ahead; I’m believed you will gather more knowledge to write a unique article as you want. Practice with a various techniques will make you a good writer.

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